Merrill Humberg Reviews from Athena/Ingrid Untrue

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Any reviews of Merrill Humberg,politcal candidate, that I wrote under

the assumed names "Athena," or "Ingrid" or any other name are incorrect

and completely untrue. Please do not pay any attention to them.

I was dysfunctional when I wrote all untrue of those September 2010,

regarding Merrill Humberg. Any information contained in them is wrong

and NOT factual.

For around three years, since I joined the family, I have seen what

a brilliant musician, an exceptinal father and husband , and outstanding

member of the community Merrill is. Merrill Humberg will be a huge asset

to his party, community, and state should he be elected, which he deserves, to public office.

Unfortunately, I am not,presently, able to remove those reviews from

this or a couple of other consumer complaint sites, but I have publically

retracted all of my comments and openly apologize to Merrill Humberg.

Catherine Humberg

Merrill Humberg Utah 32

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Merrill Humberg is running in Utah District 32 for State Rep and it would

be good if we could get as many college students as we can to vote for him.

This is somebody who is not a old *** and who knows how kids in college

and high school think. Wouldn't it be great to have him representing us?

If you are age eighteen or older and haven't registered to vote or if

you haven't voted for awile, register to vote and check the democratic

party box.

The reason all the old people get their stuff passed is because they're

registered so YO! Wake up and get registered.

Review about: Merrill Humberg Dist 32 Utah.



All that voting ever got me was a *** summons for jury duty. Let this be a lesson to all of you unsuspecting voters....dont do it!!

Merrill Humberg for Utah

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Merrill Humberg is the democratic candidate for Utah state rep district 32. He will be a good choice especially for younger voters, women voters,

working families, and minority voters.

Here is someone who offers an alternative to the older or very conservative


If you have not registered to vote yet it is vital that you do so. Your

vote could make a difference and the idea that one voter does not have

any clout is not correct. Here is one place where your vote could be

lots more important than you might guess. Check out this candidate and

if he supports things you believe in then go ahead and cast your vote for


Review about: Merrill Humberg District 32.

Merrill Humberg

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Merrill Humberg once lived in Oregon. He is a musician and has worked

as a video and TV camera technician. In 2007 he was in the production

Savior of the World presented at the Convention Center.

He should provide a good alternative for voters. It is good the Democratic

Party is being representative.

If anybody is a Democrat out there he certainly could use your vote. Anybody who is 18 or older can cast a vote so if you are in that age

group and not voting it is very important that you register. This

can be done at your local county clerk's office or through the cards

at any post office. Just do it!

Review about: Democrat.

Do Not Vote for Merrill Humberg

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Merrill Humberg, Democratic candidate for Utah District 32 State Representative is a lying, lazy, woman hating, panhandling, money grabbing

abusive , ***. He recently over-spent so much that he had to file

a personal bankruptcy but kept his big new home, ultra-ritzy grand piano,

new vehicle, pricey furniture. He refuses to work and was on unemployment

compensation for the past 2 years. His wife, then pregnant, supported him

and their children by working in a nursing home. He claims to be a "student," but just started college this Fall Term 2010. He calls his

female relatives, "***." This August, he was investigated by the State

for child abuse. He has elderly disabled relitives on social security who

support him and the yuppie-lifestyle he will no work to maintain.

You do NOT want this creep to be a public servant! Heaven help us if

he should happen to win the election. (He says the only reason he's

running is to get health insurance for himself. This is because he's

been losing jobs for the past 4 years. He worked for Winco for 2 weeks

this year, but quit after 2 weeks.)

Review about: Merrill Humberg For Utah State Rep.



what a nut


Are you his secret ex girlfriend??????? :( :( :( :( :( :(


Are you waiting for slander suit papers??? :x :x :x :x :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :eek :eek :eek


Have you heard of the word slander???? You might want to keep yor mouth shut!!!!!!! :eek :eek :eek :roll :roll :roll :sigh :sigh :sigh :x :x :x

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